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Designs for Health Essentia Bar – Double Dark Chocolate Whey + Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars with 4 Net Carbs, 10g Protein with Prebiotic Fiber (18 Bars)

RESPONSIBLE SNACKING – It can be difficult to find a delicious, satiating snack that does not disrupt healthy eating habits. This nutrition-packed functional food bar provides the best of both worlds. A dark chocolate-coated bar that yields 10 grams of protein and only 4 net carbohydrates.*


WHEY & PUMPKIN SEED PROTEIN – This unique bar features a protein base features whey and pumpkin seed, as well as additional prebiotic fiber and healthy fats from almond and cocoa butter. No gluten or soy ingredients.*

ALLULOSE SWEETENED – Looking for a revolutionary new way to get the sweetness you love without the not-so-sweet drawbacks? Allulose is a non-GMO natural sweetener that contains only 1/10th the calories of sugar (sucrose), and has a glycemic index of zero.

SUBTRACTING ALLULOSE FROM NET CARBS – The US FDA requires allulose to be listed as part of the Total Carbohydrate on food labels, but not a sugar. It thus can be subtracted from the “Net Carbohydrates” when considering its impact to the user

OVER 50,000 DOCTORS AGREE – Designs for Health is the physician’s choice for top quality professional strength supplements since 1989. Our “Science First” philosophy ensures our products are based on the most recent research and use the highest quality raw ingredients.

They contain no artificial sweeteners, but include natural ones such as xylitol, maltitol, and erythritol. All PaleoBars™ are Kosher certified and free of gluten, fructose, sucrose, soy protein, and hydrogenated oils. 

PaleoBar™ Chocolate Coated has a protein base of whey/rice protein concentrate and features omega-3 fish oils. 

This bar also contains prebiotic fiber and additional healthy fats from almond butter and coconut oil. 

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