Chlorella (600 Tabs) 200 MG



Deodorizer  –  Detoxifier  – Constipation Relief  –   Wound Healing. 


The Highest Chlorophyll Green Food

Pure Planet’s Cracked Cell Chlorella fresh water algae is cultivated in a controlled pond-like environment, filled with mineral-rich water. No ocean derived waters are ever used . Rich in amino acids, beta carotene, B-Vitamins, chlorophyll, key minerals and protein (50%), chlorella supports healthy cell development with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) . 

Known for its fat-burning prop- erties, Pure Planet’s easily-digestible, cracked-cell wall chlorella is an essential to any cleansing regimen and may help prevent heavy metal build-up in soft tissues and organs of the body. 

  • May promote lower body fat percentage and healthy blood cholesterol levels
  • May help prevent heavy metal build-up
  • My support energy production

Ingredients: Chlorella Powder .

Chlorella can help the body retard aging. Dr. Benjamin Frank, noted authority on reverse aging, believed that loss of energy and physical deterioration associated with aging was due to the increasing breakdown of nucleic factors (DNA, RNA) necessary to cell health. He theorized that as we age, possibly around age 20, our natural production of DNA- and RNA-building blocks begins to deteriorate. After taking a Chlorella supplement, his patients began to regain energy and longstanding problems with arthritis, memory loss, and depression began to abate. Chlorella provides more readily available nucleic acids than any other food source.

Chlorella may:
Stimulate the immune system
Help with Candida albicans
Cleanse the bowel, liver and blood
Supply vitamin B-12
Normalize pH
Serve as an anti-oxidant
Stimulate growth of good bacteria
Detoxify chemicals
Relieve bad breath and body odors in approximately 7-10 days

Drink plenty of fresh, clean water. The first water you drink is allocated to the kidneys; only after meeting that requirement is the liver cleansed. The liver purifies the body and needs ample water. How much water? Divide your body weight by 50 and drink that many quarts of water daily—but sip, don’t gulp!

Tablets per Container:  600

Suggested use: Take up to fifteen tablets (3g) daily. 

Dosage: Take Chlorella in multiples. Start with four (4) tablets with breakfast and four (4) with lunch. Increase by one (1) tablet each serving per day until you note a tinge of green in your solid elimination. 

This is your body telling you how much is right for you! Because Chlorella is a food, and not a drug, it does not interfere with any medications. In fact, any time you are taking prescription medications you should increase your dosage of Chlorella to assist your body in eliminating the toxins that come with your prescriptions.

DISCLAIMER: If you are pregnant, consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or disorder.


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