Thank you for “Tri-Stabilizer” – It has helped me get my life back.  I feel better all the way around.   I don’t feel all “drugged out”.  I have been taking this product for 2 months and it’s a miracle.  I’m better, my blood pressure was thru the roof – 166/90 180/85.  It’s now 119/72 most all of the time.

Thanks for all your hard work and care.

Love prayers,

Laura T.


My daughter picked up a bottle of the Tri-Stabilizer for me a few months ago.  I have been a diabetic for close to 15 years and always looking for ways to lower my sugar.

The very first day I started taking the stabilizer, I had to cut back on my insulin. I am so thankful she listens to your radio show, since I live far enough South to not be able to hear it.

Thank you so much for all you do to help us become healthier the natural way.


Bernice P.

Super Silver

My sister had a painful sore throat, she wasn’t able to come to church.  I happened to have one half bottle of Super Silver and I sent it to her and told her to gargle with it and also take 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, that is what I always do.  She did that and called me the next day and told me that her throat was fine.

I told her to try to keep a bottle on hand at all times.

We appreciated all of Dr. Mary’s help throughout the years.

Thank you very much.

Bea E.


I have had confidence in Starr Walker products for a long time, and appreciate the efficient service of the 3rd opinion.

About three weeks ago when we were told about AminoPower, and it’s proven results in building lean muscle mass, I wasted no time in ordering this amazing powder with the pleasant lemon flavor. One of the first indications I had was that it became easier for me to swing my legs up on the mountain in my bed which elevates my feet during sleep. Then I could make it up and down the ramps pulling loads with less difficulty. Now I can put in long hours doing yard work, up and down on my knees, shoveling, lifting, pushing heavy loads, and not feel totally wiped out. The fact that it has improved my balance is a true blessing!!!

I praise God for the development of this product, and pray that it can improve the quality of life for many people of all ages, including you and your Mom.


Ellene L.


Curcu95 & OrthoManage

Because of a slip & fall that happened to me several years ago, extremely painful arthritis had taken over my right thumb joint, eventually dropping it downward underneath my hand, leaving me with bone on bone in that joint – doctors have told me. Curcu 95 along with OrthoManage has given me a pain-free hand – It’s truly unbelievable!!!  Only hand surgery could have potentially helped me.  I’m so thankful for these Starr Walker products, along with many others!! 

Allie L



Just wanted to tell you I was having leg cramps every night.  You recommended I try Starr Walker Potassium.  I am thrilled to report I have not had a leg cramp after the first dose I took.  Thank you, so much! Keep up the good work.


Jolene S.


Systemic Inflammatory Formula

I was recently diagnosed by another healthcare provider with Hashimoto Disease. I was given a prescription for Nature Thyroid and Synthroid. My TPO level was 219.83! I listen to Dr. Mary’s radio show every morning. One particular morning she was talking about Thyroid and autoimmune disease, which I understand is what Hashimoto’s disease is. Dr. Mary was discussing the importance of treating the underlying autoimmune disease, before any improvements could be seen in restoring my thyroid levels. However, this was not addressed at all by the other healthcare provider. I made an appointment to see Dr. Mary and I’m ever grateful that I did!

I saw Dr. Mary on April 9th and she recommended that I start on the Systemic Inflammatory Formula as well as the Prebiotic Formula. Additionally she recommended several other regiments that I’m currently doing as well (Starr Walker, Vitamin D-3, Mercury detox, Bromide detox, Omega 3 Fish Oil) and have an appointment to do the ASA testing. Although, I’ve only been on the Inflammatory Systemic Formula for about one month, I can already tell a huge difference in my gut function (less bloating, constipation, etc.). I feel like I have more energy and less stomach/digestive issues. I would encourage anyone who is having thyroid or any autoimmune issues to try this product! Although, I’m new to taking it, I’m convinced it has helped and will continue to help me in my healing process!

I’m so thankful for Dr. Mary, the Full Circle Health, and Starr Walker products! Thank you Dr. Mary for all you do to help others and be a blessing to all you serve.

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon for the ASA testing as well as my continued path to healing.


Belinda R.

Mag Citrate

I called in to Mary’s radio show after having had surgery two weeks prior because I had become constipated. Nothing was working that didn’t give me diarrhea or bloating, so Mary recommended I take 4 Mag Citrate tablets just before bedtime.

The next morning not only did it clean me out but did it without all the painful bloating and or diarrhea, and it’s natural.

Thank you so much and May God Bless, 

Jackie G.