Provest for Women (4 Oz. Cream)



Progesterone counteracts symptoms of estrogen dominance. Women who experience water retention, mood swings, breast swelling, osteoporosis, and PMS symptoms are prime candidates for the benefits of progesterone. In fact, many doctors are beginning to suggest natural progesterone as a hormone replacement for estrogen during and after menopause. 

Dr. John R. Lee has been researching the benefits of natural progesterone for over twenty years. His research indicates that bone density can be increased, reversing the effects of osteoporosis. Using natural progesterone also avoids such negative effects of estrogen supplements as: fat retention, water retention, fibrocystic breasts, gall bladder disease, hypertension, increased risk of stroke, increase risk of autoimmune disorders, headaches, depression, loss of libido, impaired blood sugar control, loss of zinc and retention of copper.

Directions for use:
Apply ¼ teaspoon daily of Starr Walker’s Pro Vest cream to soft tissue, breast, inner thigh, under arm and stomach. Also apply down the spine, across shoulder bones and hipbones.
(Pre-menopause: Use on days 12-28 of menstrual cycle. Day 12 is the last day of your period; begin this as day 12 and continue through day 28. Stop for 12 days and then begin again. Post-menopause: Can use daily.)

Note: We also recommend molecular calcium and molecular magnesium for healthy bones!

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