Urinary Tract Support 50gm. (50 Servings)


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Maintain a Healthy Environment for the Urinary Tract’s Mucosal Surface

Dosage: Many practitioners advise using 1/2 teaspoon of Urinary Tract Support™ mixed into any beverage, (preferably water) every two to three hours during the infection. Oral D-mannose does not create an insulin response, so it is safe for diabetics. It is also safe for pregnant women and small children. If antibiotic therapy has already been instituted it is still safe to use Urinary Tract Support™ concurrently.

Although most women and occasionally men with single episodes of bladder or UTI will only need to use it for a few days at most, a single daily dose is an option some practitioners recommend to those with frequent infections to maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Although only 10% of cases are caused by other than E coli, it is still advisable to get a urine collection just before starting Urinary Tract Support™ so that rapid identification of the organism can be made in the event that the Urinary Tract Support™ treatment is not successful. If the symptoms are not substantially better or completely gone in 24 hours the organism is probably not E coli and it is important to call for an antibiotic prescription.
There will be plenty of time to start the antibiotic if it is needed. In some individuals multiple doses may cause abdominal bloating and loose stools.

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